Welcome to Re-Life Hospital

Re-Life Hospital is one of the biggest largest private Hospital  in Bangalore, Karnataka.

We provide qualified medical care to you and your family, to all residents & visitors to the Bangalore area. Today Re-Life Hospital is a large medical compound consisting of operation rooms, ICU, pediatric ICU, In-patient and out-patient departments, providing medical services in a lot of medical specialists what you can see in our services and departments.

Our location makes the Hospital easily accessible for visit of residents and quick  access to acute medical care. Also we are ready to provide ambulance car to organize quickly medical help as it is possible.

Re-Life Hospital houses a unique portfolio of services that keep healthcare professionals abreast of the latest and most significant developments within the clinical, surgical or management area. Covering all aspects of the hospital environment, We provides both clinical and senior administrative staff with instant access to a comprehensive reference source introducing technologies, services and procedures our audience can employ to improve the management of their facilities.


Being responsive and making good, transparent decisions are key principles of Re-Life Hospital’s governance process.

Patients Come First

The Patients Come First Strategy is Re-Life Hospital’s ‘roadmap’ for putting patients and their families at the centre of care through supporting their own individual healthcare needs and rights.

Partnering with patients

Working with our patients and their families helps achieve the best health outcomes. We encourage you to get involved in planning and making decisions about your care.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Re-Life Hospital vision for reconciliation is one where all the human beings are equal and have equal opportunities, where we trust each other and move forward towards a shared vision for all.

Our Health Strategic Plan

The Patients Come First Strategy is an important document that supports Re-Life Hospital’s Strategic Plan by outlining how we will deliver on our primary goal; providing high-quality, equitable patient-centred care.

The eight focus areas above represent the key elements of a positive patient experience. We have a range of projects that consider these focus areas and aim to improve the overall experience of care for our patients and families. We measure our patient experience through our many surveys and other feedback such as complaints and compliments.


To create and maintain a framework where health care professionals can practice their skills in the right spirit with empathy, pride and passion. To be able to adapt to dynamic changes in health care delivery not only in curing illnesses but also in preserving health.


We are a Health Care System dedicated to providing access to real quality services and education that improve the well-being of our rural urban segment of our country and to assimilate the finest medical & surgical talents technique in form of latest medical care crowned with finest diagnostic and surgical facilities.